Welcome to the Observatory on Nanotechnology Application and Safety in the Plastic Sector!

The NanoDesk Observatory on Nanotechnology Application and Safety in the Plastic Sector is a web tool aimed at the analysis, dissemination, use and exploitation of information of strategical value for the decision-making of companies and institutions. It is in the context of a Sudoe project, with the financial support of the European Union.

The goal of the portal is to promote technical viability and safe use of nanotechnology in the plastic sector, taking advantage of the results of the NanoDesk project and contributing directly to their dissemination.

Enter the NanoDesk Observatory and discover the world of the nanostructured plastic materials and their possible applications, be aware of new tendencies reading the latest news and learn how to safely handle nanopolymers.


Overview on nanotechnology and engineered nanomaterials. Learn about its applications, benefits and concerns.


Discover the many sectors of the plastic industry in which nanostructured materials are applied.


How do nanomaterials affect human health and the environment? Latest news, state of the art and regulation for a safe use.

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NanoDESK platform

A toolbox to guide you in decision-making and safe handling of nanopolymers.

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